The property is located at a distance of 500 metres from Junagadh Railway Station, 650 metres from Bus Stand, 39 km from Keshod Airport and 102 km from Rajkot Airport. Travellers has hassle free connectivity to many local tourist places like Mahabat Maqbara (1 km), Darbar Hall Museum (1.5 km), Sakkarbaug (2.1 km), Upperkot Fort (2.3 km), Wilingdon Dam (3.9 km), Damodar Kund (3.9 km), Bhavnath Mandir & Girnar Hill (5.5 km) and many more. Various distant places from Junagadh are Vyanktesh Vidya Mandir 22 km, Parab Vavdi 38 km, Saasan 52 km, Satadhar 55 km, Somnath Mandir 90 km, Tulsi Shyam 115 km, Diu 136 km and Gupt Prayag 140 km. Ease out and have a lovely stay at Hotel Somnath.

By Road

Junagadh is 327 km from Ahmedabad,102 km from Rajkot, and 113 km from Porbandar, and is accessible by ST bus from each of these places, as well as from other cities in Gujarat by way of Veraval and Rajkot. Bus is recommended as the best way to get to Junagadh.

By Rail

Two express trains run on the Ahmedabad-Veraval line, one at night (with a rather inconvenient schedule) and one by day. Ahmedabad is 7.5 hours away by train. Junagadh is also on the Rajkot-Veraval line, with Rajkot 2.5 hours away, and Veraval 2 hours.

By Air

As Junagadh does not have an airport of its own,one has to avail the services at the Rajkot Airport in order to reach Junagadh by air. This airport is the closest one to the city at a distance of 103 KM. Direct flights to Mumbai & New Delhi can be availed from this domestic airport. You can also reach Junagadh by air through Ahmedabad Airport, standing at a distance of 341 kilometers.